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When Did We Stop Thinking?

One of the things that differentiate humans from animals, is our ability to think and analyse. We do not function on our instincts, we are more than happy to pause, analyse the situation and then make an informed decision. However, I wonder why this analytical mind goes to sleep when it comes to thinking about the country at large and its politics. 

The last few weeks have seen turbulent activities in the Indian political scene and the parliament, and yet it seems like we have not just forgotten but failed to notice it in the first place. 

The new bills introduced need to be checked, compared and evaluated with logical thinking. And yet, 90% of the people around me don’t even know about the bills. 

When did we become such a passive, uninformed electorate?

We just celebrated our Independence Day in August. A time, when we remember all the courageous people who strived for the country that we have today, who didn’t just passively go on with life (many of them had the option as well since they came from well-to-do families). How then does our conscious not point it out to us that we are increasingly resembling a crowd that is aimlessly just passing one day after another? 

When did we stop thinking?

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  1. Since I don't live in India, can you please give a few examples of turbulent activities. Thanks.

  2. Your post applies to United States residents, as well. ~shakes head~ Too many people don't read past headlines and swallow whatever major media outlets spoon feed them.

  3. It's not just an India problem. I think people have just become too complacent.

  4. I guess it's the feeling that we can't do much about the macro-political game anyway, so why bother.. It's during the elections that people ought to use their thinking superpower to their fullest!

  5. This is very thought provoking..thanks for sharing dear
    Beauty and Fashion/Glamansion/Rampdiary

  6. Did we ever think? Leave aside people like Einstein.

  7. I have to say, it's absolutely lovely!

    It's clear you've put a lot of thought and care into crafting this piece.

    Looking forward to reading more from you in the future!



  8. It's the same here. The people who are thinking are trying to wake everyone else up. It's the Matrix.


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