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Work On Love?

I understand that no one is perfect. And while you may love someone, they may have flaws (just like I have a few), does it make sense then to talk about it and work upon fixing the differences?

I have always believed that love should be the crazy, madly, head-over-heels, type of love. But, is that a norm or an exception? I am not sure. 

I did have a long term relationship which was devoid of any complications, and was totally effortless; but then the complications did arise, and were ones that we couldn’t solve. The relationship often reminds me of a dialogue from Love Aaj Kal…

Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai; woh hamara waqt nahi tha; par iska yeh matlab nahi ki woh ishq nahi tha

This time around, it is still kind-of the same, I really do like (love?) this fellow, but can we work out our differences? For now, we thought we could, and have decided to give us six months to work it out. Would it work? I am nervous to even think about it.


  1. I am probably not the right person to give advice, but I think being with the right person should be effortless. Yes, there are differences and things we do not like about the other person, but we accept them. trying to change a long laundry list of things for someone else will just lead to resentment and disappointment.

  2. I've been married 33 years and it sure isn't perfect, but we do all right.

  3. i love that line from love aajkal. for your thoughts, lets just believe that it will, heina? whats the point in taking stress when we have given it time exactly to take the stress off and make things work. and like sharukh said, if its the right kursi, it will stay and not make noise when you sit on it :) all the best!!

  4. true.... by the way Rishi still dominates

  5. but do keep writing. (it is one good solace)

  6. Love is giving and taking, putting the other above your needs and loving you just the way you are.


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