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Treebo Trend The Royal CM, Jaipur - Review

Treebo was suggested to me by my colleague a few years back, and since then I tell you it has been my favourite. There have been a few hits and misses, but even then, when asked to change the room, it was promptly done; so I shall not consider it as a big issue.

When I travel, I like to stay in a clean enough room, with white bed sheets, pastel enough wall colours, and good ventilation. (I say enough here, because getting exacts is always difficult)

When I was looking at hotels for my recent trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan, I figured that most were local hotels with small windows and colourful interiors. While the colours are not a problem, lack of ventilation is—makes me feel super claustrophobic. Which is why, when I saw that Treebo hotels was an option, I immediately decided to go for it.

Treebo is a budget chain of hotels where you can get a room anywhere between Rs 1,000 to 3,000 per night. 

I generally like this one on trips where we won’t be in the room for much of the day. since Day 1 and 2 in Jaipur would mostly be spent site seeing, it didn’t make sense to opt for a luxury stay.

Since it is a chain of hotels, there is uniformity across all the hotels (at least the ones I have stayed at), so all my requirements—pastel rooms, big windows, white bed etc—are covered here. Plus they have a few basic toiletries like soap, shampoo, hand wash, which also brings together the entire ‘chain of hotels’ vibe.

Talking about Treebo Trend The Royal CM, Jaipur

We reached a little early, so the room was not ready. We didn’t mind waiting in the restaurant and having some breakfast. But, as soon as we got done with the breakfast, the manager informed us that the room was ready. What happened, I suspect, is that they opened up an old/unused room for us and quickly cleaned it. However, it was not up to the mark, and as soon as we entered, we noticed the signs of being vacant for a long time—the phone was not working, there was dust on the table, the room had that smell which happens when the room is not aired out routinely. We then requested the hotel to change our rooms. They informed us that the others had checked-out now, and they are getting the room cleaned and will move us once done.

While I do appreciate that in order to not make us wait, they opened up an old room, I would much rather have waited an hour more in the restaurant and got the clean, functional room in the first go.

Other than this initial glitch, all was well. Of course now since this is a budget hotels, do not expect 5-star kind of a stay, but the room are clean and liveable, which is what I generally prioritise.

Breakfast was included in our price, but we always ended up waking up late and thus couldn’t go. However, I did get a peak on the first day when we were waiting in the restaurant. The spread is pretty limited, but tea/coffee and omelette would do it for me anyway. Interestingly, they do not give bread with omelettes here, unless you specifically ask for it.

The rooms had running hot water, which was a boon, since Jaipur was cold when we visited.

I didn’t click pictures at the hotel, so don’t really have much to share picture wise. But the pictures that are currently available on various booking websites are pretty bang-on.

The hotel is 15-20mins away from major tourist attractions, and each rickshaw or an e-rickshaw ride will cost you around Rs 100-150 (for 2 people). I would suggest check Ola, Uber also, since the prices are quite competitive. While Uber drivers kept cancelling on us, Ola was quick on service.

When visiting Amer, Nahargarg, or Jaigargh fort, I would suggest opt for an Ola/Uber. It is a half hour drive from the hotel and could take longer in a rickshaw. It cost us around Rs 200 for a one way trip, same as what the local rickshaw guys quoted.

You can check out the hotel here:


  1. Thanks for your review. Next time I visit India I will remember. I had bad experience with Uber on my previous Indian visits.

  2. Nice to hear despite some hangups the hotel ended up being a win! Hope you enjoyed your time there!

  3. It sounds like you have had a great experience with them. You have written a great review. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl

  4. Since I don't travel much nowadays, I have not come across this chain, maybe. Good to know u had a gud experience. Wish I cud visit Rajasthan someday.

  5. An excellent review and experience sharing! Room booking is a difficult task for me since I am in a wheelchair; there are always minimum hotel stays available, and before booking a room, I must call to confirm its facilities.
    Yes, Ola autos are reasonably priced, and they are a convenient way to travel wherever they are available.

  6. Thanks for sharing about the hotel, nothing beats a good rest at a clean hotel room.

  7. Cool, thanks for sharing. I am always in a look out for a good hotel chain never know when you need a good recommendation very useful when you are in the area.

  8. I too am fan of Treebo chain of hotels. I discovered it myself. Once I had to book a hotel room for a friend in Bengaluru itself. So, I physically checked out a few of them in a good locality myself. And Treebo was one of them. I liked it. So too my friend. After that I have stayed in a Treebo hotel twice. I too would recommend it.

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