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What Stops Us From Fixing Milestone Mistakes?


Say you get married, or quit your job to work on your start-up. Two months in, you realise you have made a mistake. You are just not happy.

Maybe you took the step in the first place due to peer or family pressure, or because at the time, the idea seemed good enough. But now that you are past the first hurdle and are bang in the middle of things, you realised that this is not what you were looking for. It is just not keeping you happy, then why not just call it quits?

I understand that it would be much easier to call off a start-up than a marriage, but people are at stake in both the situations, unless of course, you are working on your start-up alone. And even then, your family is depending on you.

We have gotten into this habit of completing things, or doing what is expected out of us even if it makes us innately unhappy. Maybe that’s what causing this early burnout.

I wonder how different the world would be, if we were not supposed to act in a certain idealistic way, where mistakes and wrong decisions were just a normal part of life. Where if you had to take a detour just to do what your heart really desires, it would be alright!

I wonder! How that world would be like.

A peaceful, happy, and cheerful one or an anarchic one?

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  1. It would be a wonderful dream.

  2. We wouldn't learn if we didn't make mistakes. The key is not to make them again.

  3. I feel if people are allowed to do what one desires then it will result in anarchy. Almost every youngster want to play cricket. A handful takes up hockey.

  4. What a thought provoking post. I really don't know what would happen. I think some people do make course corrections throughout their lives and keep changing things up. And others just stay in the life they created for themselves.

  5. Though ideals are taught and admired, aren't people actually making lots of mistakes?

  6. Would have solved many issues.
    Sadly, we don't have an undo or refresh button in life.
    We all make mistakes, and there's no getting back...

  7. The problem is the way we look at mistakes. We should take it as a learning experience and correct it instead of look at it something to be ashamed of. To err is human.


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