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Post Monsoon Plant Care

Post Monsoon Plant Care - Pooja Mahimkar - Monsoon Plant Care - Balcony Garden Mumbai - Mumbai - How To - Remove pests from plants - easy tips

Plant care is an important part of gardening, tending to the garden ensures your plants thrive and don’t die out. Monsoon especially takes a toll on the plants because of the constant humid and moist conditions.

Post monsoon care, thus becomes extremely important. So, if monsoon is just leaving your area and winter onset is close, here are a few things you should be doing to prep your pants.

Remove weeds
Weeds are just smaller plants that grow alongside the main plant. These plants compete with the main plant to get water and nutrients. This makes fewer nutrients available for our main plant. It is thus important that you remove the weeds. At times, you may also notice some moss growing on the top soil, remove that as well.

Air out the soil
When you add water to the plant, the water pushes the soil down thus compacting it. When the soil is compact, the aeration is low and the water seepage is also hampered. This could do two things – not let the water reach the very bottom of the plant or hold so much water that the drainage doesn’t work properly causing root rot.

Now, imagine what a few months of constant rain could do the soil, loosen the top soil so that the air could get in.

Add nutrients
Another thing that overwatering – in this case, heavy rain – does to your plants is dissolve and remove the nutrients in the soil. Thus, now is a good time to add compost or other fertilisers you use to the plants.

Address the pests and infections
Monsoon is the party season for all the pests and infections, some plants are easily attacked and some are able to keep the pests at bay.

Whatever may be the case, treat all plants in your garden. If you have pests, the best way to start with is some neem oil, soap and water solution and spray it on the plants. You should be doing this regularly irrespective of pest or not, to secure your plants from any pest attack.

If you see a plant that is heavily attacked and beyond repair, prune the branch, this would encourage the plant to push out new healthy branches.

Here are a few things that I have been using personally for several years and they have worked well for me.  

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