Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Money Heist – Such A Disappointment (No Spoilers) Season 5, Volume 1

My very first problem with the series is the fact that they are releasing it in two parts. Now, I understand that the makers know that people love the series and that they would like to milk the best that they can, but do we really need two volumes? Especially when the first volume barely moves the story forward.

I think, other than the one major plot development in the last scene, the story has not moved forward. I was thus left wanting more at the end of the series and wondering what exactly did I even watch, what was the point of watching this one? I could have just skipped this and watched volume two in December and it would have made no difference. In fact, I think the second volume would add more to the story because they are saving all the twists and turns for it.

But then the question arises, are we just being taken for a ride by the creators? We are so addicted to consuming content (the fact that the content is easily available doesn’t help the cause) that we ready to consume even sub-par content just because it makes us a part of this virtual pop-culture group.

Do we really need it or do we need an intervention? What do you think?

Also, did you like Money Heist Season 5, Volume 1?


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