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3 reasons to watch and not watch Masaba Masaba

Netflix’s recent show Masaba Masaba is a real-life inspired show with Masaba Gupta as the lead. The show follows her and her mother, Neena Gupta’s life leading up to a fashion show.  


Light hearted and warm 

The show is a nice break from all the intense/dark shows that are currently popular. With the lockdown, this is a refreshing way of enjoying the girl-gang vibe 

Quick Watch 

It is only 6 episodes thus making it a nice binge for the weekend. Plus, there’s Neena Gupta in it. She is a delight to watch  

Bollywood insights with a SATC vibe 

The show does give you a sneak-peek into the Bollywood/fashion world and it does have a SATC vibe with good clothes, narration by the lead, and surface level issues that get resolved easily.  

Don’t Watch: 

If You Want Something Intense 

This is an easy, feel-good show. Avoid if you want something more substantial  

If You Cannot Excuse The Simple Narrative And Screenplay 

You can relate to most of the things, but you'll also be able to almost predict what’s going to happen next.  





  1. Watched it and loved it as recently all web series are intense and we need light hearted ones like this


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