She said Yes! – ages ago!

The age gap meant they both were at different in different phase of life at every step, when she was young and stupid – he was coming off age and brushing shoulders with responsibilities. When she was figuring out how to manage life – he was dealing with his first job so it is understood that they were not in sync even when it came to all the major life decisions.

When he was ready to get married, she was worried that it was too early for her.

When he decided to move abroad for a job, she decided to write him a few letters. You know the ones which he can read whenever he is missing her or when he is feeling lonely or when he is angry etc. the last letter envelop read “Open when you think of marrying me”. She had already written a “Yes” in the letter.

But life is not that easy, is it? The distance led them to drift apart and before they could realise what went wrong, they were not together anymore.

He never opened that letter. All the letters were forgotten.