Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Why I Wear MakeUp

Wearing makeup has somehow ended up being related to asking for male attention, the first time a girl wears a lipstick or puts on a  bit of makeup, the first assumption is that she is dressing up for a man.

That is so not true; we live in an age where we do not need validation from other people anymore. Yes, I would love if you will double tap on my Instagram picture but I am wearing dressing up because I want to see myself look hot AF every time I walk past a showroom or a car and see my reflection in the mirror. That double tap is just a consolation prize.

Every time I am bored to get to work, I look forward to the dressing up part. It motivates me to get out of bed and get dressed. It adds fun to the monotony.

Just a change of outfit can add so much more to the way you look and feel. A pretty little dress, boyfriend jeans, overalls or the feminine little flowy skirt, ethnic kurti and saari or the basic jeans and tshirt, they all emote such a variety of emotions and feel. You wear a pretty little dress on the day you especially feeling low, it is going to work as a quick little pick-me-up.

I know it may seem a little shallow, but in the world and generation when nice and happy things are so difficult to come by, why not do a small little thing for yourself so that you feel good about yourself. I don’t even know if I am making sense to you right now, but if you are still understanding me, let me know in the comments below.

Obviously I don’t wear makeup every day, or force myself to wear makeup and dress up every day. There are times when I absolutely don’t want to do anything and that’s exactly what I do – I don’t do anything!

I walk out of the door just the way I am, and still feel great about myself.

I am not judging people who do not like to dress up, each to his own. But it isn’t fair to judge people who enjoy the process.


  1. A different point of view indeed, refreshing post.

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