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Outfit Ideas | Best buy under INR 1000/- from Fashion at Big Bazaar

I visited the Fashion at Big Bazaar store recently. They just launched their new collection and I kind of challenged myself to buy stuff under INR 1000/- each. I am quite surprised that they have tons of affordable clothing items in their collection.

I picked up the following things and mind you they all are under INR 1000/- each


  1. Nice stuff.

    I'm assuming you're talking about the tops. Or are you also talking about your bangle and sandals? They look pretty too.

    I think a listing of the stuff you've bought with the price will be helpful for your readers.

    Update my blog. Do drop by.


    1. Just the tops. Ill keep in mind to post the price as well next time :)

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  3. Nice collection and sure to check out their website for more..


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