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How To Stay In Shape When Dealing With A Full Time Job

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It can be daunting to excel at work and take care of yourself at the same time. Especially for us girls, we have ton of things to do when it comes to personal and skin care. We have to take care of our skin, body, hair, menstrual cycle, fitness levels and the list can just go on.

Today we are focusing on a few things that we can do in our daily lives that will help us stay fit and push you towards a healthier lifestyle. All these things are just small changes that can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle and is easily doable even when working full time.

Eat Slowly
Remember your grandmother asking you to chew your food at least 33 times before swallowing? Well it actually helps, if you chew your food properly half the digestion process is done right there. Your body will be able to break down the food easily and thus flushing out whatever you don’t need.
Also, your body takes around 20 minutes to realise that it is full and that you need to stop eating. Often, if we eat fast, we end up over eating. We don’t give enough time to our body to process the amount of food it has received and to signal the brain that it is time to stop.
Put down your spoon after each bite. Chew. Eat again.
Try to eat from smaller plates; it tricks you into thinking you are eating a lot.

Heavy Breakfast
Whatever you eat in the morning gets burned out during the day. So if you are craving for a cake or a chocolate, eat it in the morning and you shall burn in throughout the day.
Having a healthy and proper breakfast in the morning gives your body the kick start that it needs, it will provide you with the right energy and will also keep you away from snacking and eating unhealthy.

Drink Water
I don’t think I need to even tell this to you guys, it is essential to keep drinking water throughout the day. Your body needs that to function properly, to burn calories and to digest your food and flush out the toxins.
It also does amazing magic to your skin and hair.

Take A Walk
It’s important to keep walking and keeping yourself busy. Set a reminder on your phone to take a walk every 45 minutes. It need not be a long walk, just 2 minutes around the office floor, go refill your bottle, use the washroom, go to the ground floor and use the staircase to get back up, stretch. This will just wake your body up and keep the far burning process going.
If you are on a call, walk the talk – walk in the passage/walkway and answer the call.

Sit Straight
Make an effort to sit erect and upright. Your back will thank you for this. It is a little difficult to get inculcate this habit but if you keep at it, it would not be difficult.

Eat Healthy
Always try to get lunch from home, that is the healthiest option.  If that is not possible, try to learn a few quick salad recipes or things that you can cook quickly in the morning.

Always try to eat freshly prepared food and not the packed food. Also, keep in mind the nutrient value of each meal. If you have to choose between a sandwich and a pizza, opt for sandwich as it would have more veggies and lesser calories.


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