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How to Make a CV That Will Land You a Job

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When you set out to bag your first internship or job the most crucial part is played by your CV/Resume. Your CV is the first thing that the employer sees and it should reflect your personality and your work.

Generally, even if you are qualified for the role, you don’t get a call from the employer and that may be because your CV / Resume is not doing justice to you.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when making your CV/Resume.

Keep It Short
Try and keep your resume as short and precise as possible. Don’t make a 5 page CV/Resume. It should ideally be not more than two pages.

Explain Your Work
When you mention your achievements and work experiences, mention your job role and responsibilities as well.

For e.g.:
Worked at XYZ organisation as a ABC
I was in charge of carrying out the following activities
I used to also in charge of _____
Basically, mention everything that you used to do at your workplace.

Include Additional Skills
Do not forget to mention your computer, language or any other relevant skills.

Check for Typos and Mistakes
Before sending the CV, check the document once. Try to avoid any typos and silly mistakes.

Make It Look Attractive
Make use of bullet points and if you are from the creative field then do not hesitate from making a creative resume.

Do Not Use Fancy Fonts
Make sure you are using professional fonts. Do not use fancy or something which can be difficult to read. I would suggest using any font from the Serif family.

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