Sula and York Vineyard, Nashik | Romantic and Fun Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

Nashik is just 180kms away from Mumbai and houses a number of vineyards for a nice, calming and a little tipsy weekend getaway.

Nashik is almost a three hour drive away from Mumbai, we did get a bit of traffic between Thane and Kalyan post which it was smooth drive. We made our way to Nashik on a Saturday afternoon and reached there by 7pm. After checking into the hotel we left for Sula, which is a 15minutes drive away. We had already made reservations at Treebo 07 Inn, Nashik. The hotel was budget friendly and very nice. I would recommend it if you are looking for budget friendly accommodation.

As it was already late, we decided to postpone the tour to the next day and head straight for dinner. We got a nice table at the Sula restaurant. The view was nice, the music was good and the wine was just perfect. It was a little noisy and crowded initially but soon people started to head home. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is one of the places that you could consider.

We left for the hotel around 10pm.

Sula, which impressed me at dinner, disappointed me in the morning. We reached Sula at around 1pm and booked for the wine tour which was scheduled to be at 2.30pm. We spend one and a half hour taking pictures and going around the vineyard and reached the place from where the tour was supposed to start at 2.25pm only to gather that the tour had already started. It really did annoy me, how can they start the tour early? And if they generally do that then shouldn’t they inform us to reach the venue early?

This should have been my que that this was going to be a disappointment. The tour involves you going into three rooms and the guide talking about the wine making process. The first room has huge wine tanks, the second room has oak barrels and the tasting is conducted in the third room. A quick google search about wine making process would give you more information about wine than what they provide you there. The tour ends with a tasting session, the tour costs INR 350/- which includes the tour and the wine tasting at the end. You get to taste 6 wines. I honestly was not very impressed with the tour.

Post the tour, we moved on to York Vineyard, which is a 5minutes drive from Sula. The place is beautiful. It overlooks the river and the vineyard. Although Sula was hot, York vineyard was cool and quite. The cool breeze from the river makes you not want to go back home. We got a table near the window and had a wonderful view of the river and the vineyard. York also conducts wine tours but I am sure they will be no different than the one at Sula.  

We left from York at 5.30pm and reached Mumbai by 9pm. If you have time then you can check out other vineyards as well, there a number of them in Nashik. 


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