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Weekly Work Outfit Ideas

Picking out outfits everyday for work is always a task for me. I find myself standing in front of the closet wondering what to wear and where all my clothes went. I am not much of the dressing up kinds but of course like every other girl, I too, try to look pretty.

My staple is to team something up with jeans or pants, as that is the most appropriate for the work set-up.

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I started off the week with this grey croptop from Voxpop, it’s not any other crop top but it says Hogwarts Alumni on it. It was perfect to beat the Monday blues.

This one is a blue top, with little elephants on it. I love the fit and blue being my favourite colour, I own tons of blue clothing. You shall see that in the post.

I had plans to go out on this day, I thus opted to wear a white strappy top and covered it up with an ethnic shrug. Later in the evening, I tossed the jacket in my bag and I was good to go.

I wanted something simple yet smart for this day, I thus opted for a purple top which has a little bit of sequence on the neckline.

I absolutely love lace, I paired this one up with a maroon camisole, I bought this lace top in a size bigger so I could slip it off one shoulder and turn it into an offshoulder.

I had to attend an event on this day so I opted to team a simple cotton top with jeans. This gives me a professional yet causal look.

The last day, I opted to wear all blue. I wore a blue top and tucked it in my jeans and pulled on a big coverup.