Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

The Product That Needs To Be In Your Travel Bag - Belcam Bath Therapy

Combination products come in handy a number of times, I recently came across this product which is basically three products in one. This is a body wash, bubble bath and shampoo combined into one. It comes in three variants and they all smell equally yum.

The variants are:
Strawberry and cream
Pistachio and cream
Mango bliss

The products are paraben free so that is a major plus point of this product.

It lathers up great and the fragrance lingers on for a while making you feel fresh and fruity. The variants are a bit unconventional (except for strawberry) and I was a little worried about trying them on. The variants however didn’t disappoint me.

This can be a perfect travel product.


  1. But what if one does not have a Bath in the bathroom .. I only have a shower :) :)


  2. Seems like a great range of bath products, Will surely try it out soon.

    xoxo - Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche! - styleapastiche.com

  3. A bath is always relaxing! I am fond of bodywashes and will try these one :)

  4. The packaging surely looks interesting... And the colors attarctive...


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