When Did We Stop Thinking?

You Won't Believe What This Girl Has To Say

Dear viral content creating website,

We actually know things! Maybe we don't know everything about everything but we do know things!

You know those 'seven things we bet you didn’t know about something' kinda posts? Yes them! They are very annoying. Like we get it, we may not be the wisest of them all but we aren't that stupid either. You just need to stop trying to tell us that there is always something that we don’t know. (Don’t you be a know-it-all)

We have also kind of understood your click bait titles and won't be falling for them any longer. Yes, initially maybe you had a lot of people fall for your click bait titles but we have got your trick now. There’s a chance that I consciously won’t click on a link that starts with ‘OMG!’ Or ends with ‘what happened next is unbelievable!’

We have also understood sponsored posts and now it just makes you look lame and no we are not going to buy those products either. Advertisers, find new way to sell us things that we don’t need.

Also, what’s with sharing latest pictures of old child actors? We all grow up! That’s normal! The only day you are allowed to share your childhood pictures in on Children’s day or maybe on your birthday. That it.

And don’t even get me started with every time you make an entire post revolving around some celebrities tweet. Like really? You made a post about something that was of 140 characters or less? And obviously this is also titled with something like ‘You won’t believe what this celebrity said/did’. This also generally happens when that particular celebrity has a movie coming up.

I am sure this article can go on but for my sanity, I think I should end it here.

If you can come up with more annoying things that these websites do then let me know in the comments below.


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