When Did We Stop Thinking?

Are We Fairy Tale Princess?

“I want a guy who is witty, takes efforts, honest..” the list went on.
“He should look good, that’s very important”
“Also the family matters”
The conversation just went on with everyone listing what they look for in a guy.
“Do you really think you all are perfect?” I inquired.
A brief silent followed.
“All I am saying is that, we expect so much from the guys but are we that perfect as well?”, I justified.

Somehow these days I see a lot of the female folks around me have conditions and qualities that they want in their guy. Of course I have my hold ups as and I wouldn’t date someone who is completely opposite to what I look for in a guy. But always having high expectation and then cribbing that there aren’t good guys around is unfair.

We are not flawlessly beautiful all day, we fail in the kitchen and in other household chores (maybe some of you excel at it), we are also not overly kind, calm and selfless like all our fairy princess, and then when we are not perfect why are we waiting for a prince charming.

It is time to understand that no one is perfect and relationships and love take work, a lot of work! As long as you see the person at least trying to take effort for you then appreciate that and love that!
Under no circumstances should one settle for something or someone, but don’t let go of someone because they have two flaws and eight other amazing things.


  1. That is real sensible talk. Wish every individual could do this introspect.

  2. There is nothing wrong in wishing for a handsome,accomplished and well employed decent guy.But one should not stipulate that a six pack filmy hero like men alone are acceptable.So long there is compatibility and other conditions are reasonably met,it is pragmatic to go ahead.There should be no major flaws. I agree with you that one should not be too choosy.


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