When Did We Stop Thinking?

Silly Me

I knew I was going wrong, behaving in a way that I shouldn’t be. It’s just a snap reaction that gets things messed up and an hour after the snap I realise how worthless it was but alas the damage is already done.

I thought venting it out on the blog would help, I began writing and even before completing the first para I realised how stupid I was being. I was just focusing on that one thing that could go wrong and ignoring all the other amazing things that were right at the moment.  

Causing myself all the trouble, sleepless nights and restlessness was just not worth it when I look at the big picture. Baffled I thought of ways to fix it but couldn’t come up with anything.

Laughed at myself, hoped that things get back to normal, turned the post into a draft and started writing this one.

Venting it out on the blog did help, only difference – I didn’t vent it out  :P