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DDLJ at Maratha Mandir

Being a Shahrukh Khan fan watching Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge at Maratha Mandir was on my list for the longest time now. Finally last weekend I decided to go for the movie with a friend. Now I know Maratha Mandir is not exactly a theater for a girl to go alone, people stare! Even if you are fully covered! But that’s beside the point, just take someone along with you and you should be fine.

The show starts at 11.30am but I wanted to reach a little early so that I have enough time to take pictures and videos. When I entered, the place was quite empty, slowly however people started coming in.  The tickets start at 15rupees and go up to 25rupees, which really is unbelievable.

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The theater has such an old world charm to it, it actually makes you feel you are back in time. Check out the vlog below to know what I am talking about. They serve those popcorn in plastic bags, Pepsi and ice-cream cones. It really felt like I was back in the 90s.

We had got the balcony tickets, I was surprised that it was almost houseful! People still do love watching this movie. There were whistles, claps and woots at every scene and after a while even I got into that groove. It was like everyone there wanted us to have a good time and really enjoy the movie!

I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t apprehensive about going there. It just was something that I wanted to do. I think the uncle at the ticket counter knows that some people come to watch the film just for the kicks of it and thus he suggested us good seats (a little away from the crowd)

If I ignore the constant staring there was not a single bad experience at the movie. And if you are planning to go the movie then I strongly suggest that you should go for it!

I still can’t believe that I actually saw DDLJ after 20 years on a big screen at Maratha Mandir!


  1. This is one movie that you can watch again and again and still not feel bored. It always feels fresh... and fills us with nostalgia... Lucky you that you could watch again Big Screen... I would love to do that too :)

  2. Oh gosh! DDLJ! Yes, I am a SRK fan myself, actually my whole family is :D The way he has shaped his life,his dreams to be who he is,from such humble beginnings, well we all know the inspirational story. But more than that,as an actor in Bollywood,he changed the face of it in more ways than one, whether it be accepting roles others were rejecting,whether it be focusing on more than looks,whether it be tapping into the NRI crowd or starting his own production company or India's best special effects company..okay okay not going to start writing a book on SRK here :D Often people talk about DDLJ and why exactly this movie is such a big success,and I often say it is because of so many things. Ofcourse, the magic of SRK and Kajol is there, the brilliant cinematography, the way they showed Europe, the family angle, drama, romance, songs. Everything is so beautiful. More than anything, it was made in the 90s which I truly think was the best time for Bollywood. There was a sweetness back then which is now missing. Now it is all a rush for 200-300-400 crores club but back then,look at this movie,it has screenplay, there is a plot, there are clear characters, we can feel their feelings. And then the amalgamation of the tradition with modernity where the young lovers decide to convince their parents instead of running away..I am just going on and on,aren't I? :D Just this movie evokes so many memories and a nostalgia for the good old days. I miss those days and movies like these. Now I will go to Maratha Mandir to watch it yet again soon :D

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