Le 15 Café - Review

It was a bitter sweet experience visiting this place. I have always loved their cupcakes and thus was looking forward to it. The place is elegant and I loved the ambiance the minute I set foot into the café.

The place has nice interiors and I immediately made a mental note to come to this place again soon, this note was in the bin before I left the place 20 minutes later.

So we ordered a variety of cupcakes and two cold chocolates with nutella.

The cupcakes were yummy except for the Belgian chocolate cupcake which was a little harder than what it generally is. The potions are smaller than what we get at other places but that never really bothered me much as I was more focused on the taste.

The cold chocolate that we ordered also came in a small glass which was quite a disappointment. Maybe they should work up on their potions.

However, when the bill arrived, it was Rs. 1075/- which I found quite steep for a few cupcakes and two cold chocolate. When we counted we realized that the total bill was Rs. 800 and the tax was Rs. 250. Upon checking we realized that they had charged us 5% tax for desserts, 25% for drinks i.e. the cold chocolate with nutella and additional 12.5% for food (we didn’t have any food). According to them the nutella in the cold chocolate comes under the food section and thus the tax.

That’s utter rubbish, isn’t nutella an ingredient? By this mean we would be charged an additional tax for every dish that we order and for every ingredient used to make that dish. After speaking to the manager, he did cancel the 12.5%.

The total experience was so disappointing that I don’t think I’ll be visiting this place anytime soon.

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  1. I agree with you. Nutella is an ingredient. I would also say that restaurant would not be paying that "collected tax" to the government. Many restaurants have 2 sets of books.

  2. Sorry for your unpleasant experience, may be you should visit another cafe to enjoy...


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