Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Aerosoles footwear!

I cringe at the thought of formal shoes. They used to always look so old school and not to forget used to be extremely uncomfortable. I wanted something that gave me the feel of casual shoes and yet fit in perfectly with my formal wear. I stumbled upon Aerosoles and found out that they are made of light leather thus making it light and comfortable. It literally makes me feel like I am wearing flip-flops but really are proper formal shoes!

The shoes are built from the Bottom Up. Diamond Pattern solesacts as the base for our comfort .They develop our own unique construction ‘Stitch and Turn’ – and the concept of stitch and turn is that upper is stitched directly to the bottom... to create the shoes that offers ultimate comfort and Flexibility. The comfort once only found in casual shoes can now be found in everything dress Pumps to boots to sandals. Slip into a pair of Aerosoles and watch what happens. There is more spring in your step, more color in your life, simply stated more comfort. Aerosoles offers a full range of styles that are made from the softest leathers and unique constructions. The comfort once found only in casual shoes can now be found in everything from dress, pumps, boots and sandals.

What I like about these shoes is that they are so light and comfortable that even when I wear it for an entire day they don’t hurt my feet.  They are comfortable for the hectic life that we live and running around the town in these is super comfy.

They also look great with all kinds of outfits; you can team it up with jeans for a casual look as well as with formals to keep your feet from hurting. They also have a variety of colors to choose from so you don’t have to worry about it not going with your outfit. They even look fabulous with A- line skirts, and obviously go well with trousers.

They also have a good collection of casual shoes. I think I’ll buy myself one from that range as well. Who doesn't like comfortable footwear right?


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