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Vikas Khanna’s Shaken & Stirred - Book Launch

He walked in with grace and confidence that captured everyone’s attention in a heartbeat. The book launch was at Foodhall at Palladium in Lower Parel. The front row was captured by all the foodies who had followed him for a long time; they were so star struck that some of them had an almost dreamy expression on their face.

After a bit of chitchat and a little introduction he went on and told us that this was his 20th book and that his 21st was releasing soon. He told us about his first book which was self published and how he struggled with accent and with pronouncing the ingredients right when he first came to India to work for MasterChef India.

He then quickly whipped up some mocktails and all this while actively chatting away with us. He made cooking so interesting and fun that me, who can’t even make decent Maggi, wanted to start cooking.

This book Shaken & Stirred is a dazzling collection of non-alcoholic drinks. From delicious teas to refreshing slushies and classic drinks, Vikas guided the audience on how to create unique and exquisite drinks that would keep their guests satisfied and have them coming back for more.

“I’m touched by the love & affection that the Foodhall customers gave me today and this is exactly what keeps my quest for undiscovered flavors. The versatile recipes in Shaken & Stirred allow you to play with your imagination, while keeping the pure flavor and wholesome goodness of the ingredients intact,” said an elated Vikas Khanna. 

Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Vikas Khanna runs the upscale restaurant Junoon in Manhattan. Having started a catering company at the age of 17 in Amritsar, he has been regularly featured on various international television shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef Australia and The Martha Stewart Show.

As the session came to an end he signed the copies of his book and then posed calmly for Selfies (This is a must these days)