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Quikr NXT – No Fikar, Chat Quikr

                   What I thought was an easy and fastest way turned out to be most time consuming and not very efficient. I wanted to sell my old phone and I thought let me try these new sell old goods websites. I signed up and put up all the necessary details, the first few callers were a breeze I thought this is a cake walk. As time passed it was kind of got annoying to answer the same thing to each caller, repeat the same thing the most inconvenience was when they used to call at ungodly hours. Some callers were genuine and some just came across as creeps. There has to be a way out I thought to myself, but there wasn’t.  If I wanted to sell my phone online I would have to deal with such men and such nuisances.

            When I heard about the chat feature available with Quikr NXT I was glad that at least someone thought of this option. You can find out more here -  http://www.quikr.com/ .

So here are my 3 reasons why I just love this feature –

Convenience -  This is the most important reason for me, it is very convenient.  I am a student, so half my day goes in attending lectures. The other half doing the assignments/blogging/vlogging and whatever little time is left it goes into catching up with friends. At other times I am just plain bored to pick up a call and answer all the same question which the previous 10 callers asked. Now in all these situations it becomes rather problematic to keep attending calls but with the chat feature available I could just chat away and it wouldn’t feel like an additional task, as texting is a second nature to almost all the people my age. I could even just write a note about all the details and FAQs and then just copy paste it to whoever texts me, convenient for both right?

Safety – Now we all are aware of those people who are really not interested in buying the product but would just call because it is a girl’s number. You would know more about such men if you are a girl, I am sure you would have at least one such experience. I am very cautious about giving my phone number on a public forum. This chat function just eliminates that problem, you could just simply block a person or not respond to it if you feel even the slightest hunch about him.

Chat History – I am a very forgetful person, if a lot of information is shared at the same time I shall zone out and just  pretend that I understood everything. Not a good quality? Yes, I agree! So with the chat feature, I could always go back and check what we have spoken, who I have spoken too – considering there will be a lot of people contacting me during that time. So well this just makes my job easier right? Everything is right there for me to check and keep everything in order.

This post has been written for IndiBlogger you can find more information here - http://www.quikr.com/


  1. Look at the advancement the information technology industry has reached. Gr8.


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