Book Lovers by Emily Henry - Review

Fear of the Unknown

            It was just another day, a friend and I met for dinner and then decided to go for a drive. We had experienced a very spooky incident during our college’s Industrial Visit. The topic got our fancy and we started discussing that.  A girl got possessed and she had got out of control, it was after we called the local priest that she was back to normal.

            During our last day there, she suddenly became very aloof and went to a junior and said that she is going to murder her roommate that night. The junior obviously in the fun mood didn’t pay much attention to her. After sometime back into the room she went into the bathroom and didn’t come out for a long time, her roommates, worried barged into the bathroom only to find her banging her head on the wall and with blood on her forehead. They freaked out and rushed to call other people.

            The girl was speaking in several voices and constantly threatening to kill whoever touches her. Around 8-10 guys were trying to pin her down on the bed just so she doesn’t harm herself or anyone else but she suddenly had surprising power to over throw all of them.

            I know this sounds something straight out of a movie. It took some of us a while to understand what was exactly happening. It was after she started speaking in different voices and saying that she is going to kill everyone that we realized it was something that none of us had experienced before. She once even ran and tried to jump of the 2nd floor.

            Not knowing what to do, everyone just tried to keep her pinned on the bed until the priest came. He did something and she then fell asleep.

            Thinking about it sent chills down our spine. It was something that you watch in movies, it is something that you hear from friends whose friend’s friend had experienced something like this. It is definitely not something that you wish to experience in real life. In between these talks we realized that they were on an unknown road. There was nothing around us just a straight narrow road ahead without any street lights.

            I have always been very scared of all these things. Although I am not a very religious person but I do believe that there is some power which is beyond our understanding and that  we should take it seriously. I have watched just one horror movie i.e. Paranormal Activity 4, that too because my friends tricked me into watching it. I sleep with lights on whenever I am home alone. Ghost stories fancy me but the time which follows after that scares the crap out of me.

            Suddenly on that unknown road I started to freak out. I took out Google maps but there was no network. I immediately regretted talking about the ghost topic as now that was all I could think of. My friend however just kept driving, we passed a cemetery and I immediately took it as a bad sign.

“Shh… chill I am sure we just took one wrong turn. Nothing is going to happen” he said
“Just get us out of here, it is very spooky here” I told him
“Are you in for a little adventure? Let’s get you to face your fear”

He said that and took a turn next to the cemetery.  All those creepy and scary stories started crossing my mind, I started imagining every possible situation that could go wrong.

Suddenly out of nowhere, straight ahead we saw a small bench. It looked like a fishermen’s colony only that we couldn’t spot any other human. We could see the sea. It was like we were on a movie set.

He parked the car and asked to wait there for a while.
“Yes, that’s how you get over your fear. Trust me you are not going to spot any ghost here.” he said and gave me a hand.

I unwillingly got out of the car and we sat on the bench in complete silence. Nothing scary happened.

I realized that all of it was in my head. I won’t say that I am completely over my fear but I have definitely come to the conclusion that something good shall follow.

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  1. Reminded me of the movie "Exorcist"

  2. Chilling story, Pooja.
    yes, there are many things that we don't know...
    Glad you got over your fear :)
    Be blessed!

  3. Gripping and scary too..
    Glad that you faced your fear..

    PS: I read this post only today... And you have written this before I did. But, coincidentally, our titles are same!


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