When Did We Stop Thinking?

Why English Why?

“I don’t need to flirt, ill seduce you with my awkwardness” :P

She  so wish this was true. She generally found it easy to talk to people. When it comes to him, its like she hasn’t  learnt how to speak a sentence properly. Lately she fumbles a lot when speaking to him, its like her head is telling her something, her  heart is telling her some other thing and she is speaking something different entirely!
It wasn’t that difficult earlier, she did have a crush on him for 3 years but it was just that. It never escalated into anything more than that, just made up for some spice in college. Now that she was getting to know him, she realised that the damage was done! The crush has escalated.
Discussing love life in excrutiating details over a  cup of coffee with her besties has now turned into her nightmare. She just doesn’t seem to have answers to all their questions.  Waiting for him to message her has become her favorite passtime.
She hopes he hasn’t noticed the weird her. She hopes that she finds her vocabulary back soon and is able to communicate than just murmur some stupid words. Fumbling is another issue again, nervousness makes her blabber and she quickly realises what an ass she has been and then awkwardly tries to cover that up, basically making the entire thing even more awkward and weird.

Have you ever been betrayed by your vocabulary like this?