Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

A day spent Finding Fanny at Regal Cinema

I had decided to watch Finding Fanny by just the poster, I didn’t even bother to check the trailer before watching. It’s a simple, nice movie. Way different than the usual bollywood movies. As of Regal Cinema, I had never been there but the timings suited us so we went there. The first thing that surprised me were the ticket prices, ₹100/- for stall, ₹150/- for balcony and ₹200/- for dress seats (I have no idea what that is). Obviously we were late so we got the stall tickets, and trust me they were pretty decent seats. The crowd was decent a mix of old parsi couples and teenagers, there was one aunty who started clapping when the movie started and I knew just then that I was in for a ride. She laughed out loud at every joke (even the silly ones) but it was a delight.
The theater is huge and has a vintage touch to it, it was like going back in time. Even the food available was limited, standard coke, popcorn,lays and samosa and needless to say everything was super cheap. I love popcorn especially while watching a movie but spending ₹150/- something for that is stupid.  
For the first time I was hooked on to Naseeruddin Shahand completely ignored the main leads (Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone) not that they were bad, but Naseeruddin Shah was brilliant. The movie has some very witty dialogues, simple narration and no over the top acting. The entire feel of the theater is vintage and that added to the entire experience as the movie and theater complimented eachother.
A walk down colaba causeway  for some shopping (bought a grey embrodered top, some bangles and earrings) and dessert at Theorbroma made for a perfect Saturday evening.


  1. Wow! Great that you enjoyed.
    The popcorn-tubs & movie-tickets at the new Cinema halls in the malls are far more expensive.
    Was planning to watch it in the weekend. let's see when i can watch it :)

  2. Regal and me, we have a very old acquaintance. I remember the old western bang bang pictures that I saw there with dad, (and in the interval I saw dad booking tickets for the James Bond movie) While camping for the NCC at INS Angre, I did see a few movies there. I remember reading that during the British Raj, when people in Bombay used to go to the Dr with a cold, the Dr asked "did you go to Regal for a movie?" (Regal was the first theatre in Bombay to be air conditioned) Coming to the movie, the best I liked about it is the location shooting done in Goa. As for Naseeruddin, there is no one who can act like him in Bollywood. I have been watching him from his very first movie Nishant

  3. @ Anita - Let me know if you like the movie.

    @ Haddock - I didnt know about the Cold connection, thanks for sharing! :) off to download Nishant :D


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