Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Books, Chocolate and Conversations!

Sometimes when you are caught up with work, people and the daily monotonous routine we tend to forget to take a day out and do what you like... this last couple of days were and are continuing to be difficult for me so a delightful break came when a friend suggested that we go KitabKhaana, a beautiful place with lovely collection of books ( I am sure many of those books are not available at Crosswords, atleast I haven’t come across them at the one which is near my place)  and a small café inside which serves by far the most amazing Hot Chocolate ever!!! The café is bright, cozy and quiet perfect for some nice conversations and to catch up with friends. ( I forgot to take the picture but if you are ever in the Fort area please do check this place out ) So I was here with a friend and the talks just kept going on and on with Hot Chocolate and some Sandwiches! Trust me if you have the right people around you can never realise when and how the time flies :)

The bookshop can make any book lover spend hours at end there, just the way I ended up doing. I really don’t understand how did I miss out on this place for so long.  Its spacious with lots of genre of books. I went on a Sunday so maybe that’s why it wasn’t much crowded which multiplied the fun of book hunt. They have a very cute kids corner as well.

A friend got me these books...   a million thanks to him for all this :) it sure has become one of my favourite  things  –

( I bought Six Suspects from The Bargain Book Shop few days back when I went to KalaGhoda 2014)
Reviews will be up soon! *Hopefully* (I have noticed I have not done a review post for a longgg long time now! )

KitabKhaana – http://kitabkhana.in/Default.aspx
Food For Thought – http://kitabkhana.in/content/cafe
The Bargain Book Hut - http://www.bargainbookhut.com/


  1. That is some collection you picked up! and yes having great company always helps :D



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