When Did We Stop Thinking?


Things Change.. People Change.. Circumstances Change… She had noticed him change over the years as well...
From being totally head over heels for eachother it came down to hardly talking in a day…
I don’t have time, there is a lot going on in office. He always replied.
But he always seemed to find time for everything else that he wished to do.
She had gotten used to it as well… only meet occasionally or when there was a necessity. She soon found out there was another girl.
No brownie points for guessing that the unfortunate breakup followed.
It’s the time after that what messed her up. Abuses and insults followed which she couldn’t take.

 Is it so difficult to part ways with both their dignities intact and without creating all the mess which does nothing but insults the very relationship that they had. 


  1. Break-ups are always messy. No one wants to leave with the guilt that they were responsible for the break-up.


  2. U know the reason for that mess...that is our expectations from our loved ones...we love and hope that that person will do it the same in return...but wen relationship begins to go wrong...holding them tighter is not a wise decision... Just let it loose..and don't get sentiments pouring over ur head....!!!

  3. @ CRD - I agree, although sometimes that realisation will only help get over it I guess

    @ Lost Soul - Letting go is something that I have to master


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