Scary Thoughts!

Around 6 -7 years back, sometime in school when I first considered being a journalist the only romantic idea in front of me was doing some hardcore journalism like exposing the corrupt politician, helping the poor get justice etc etc… the same ideas and dreams which any aspiring journalist shall have. Its the scenario now that scares me, everyday as I open the newspaper I see a new case of sexual abuse or molestation or acid attack and I shudder at the thought that the romantic idea is shattering and shattering at a point that tells me forget doing something for the country I don’t even know if I shall be safe and sound this time tomorrow.

Many rallies, protests, candlelight march happened in the city. Police also showed that such things won’t be taken lightly. People are finally getting aware and still such heinous crimes continue, don’t these people fear anyone? I am atleast glad that the girls in the city are becoming stronger by actually going and complaining and not succumbing to these things. But there is a negative side to it as well which is more dangerous is the thought that what if these people who fall down to such low standards actually go a step further and actually kill the victim so as to save them from being arrested later. So basically we live in a society where our government doesn’t provide enough security, we can’t go and expose the culprits because the results may be severe and still even if we do make a police complaint and get the caught, it will still take ages to actually see them behind bars for good.