The Dhongi Bapus of the country.

Faith, Beliefs and Religion are something that you can't imagine India without. And we also have a tendency of generally believing that a certain Baba can solve all your life mysteries and problems, well that’s fine as long as you are happy and you are not performing any stupid rituals which are not bothering the people around you. And the reason why these “Baba” are such a hit because people blindly follow whatever they say or do, but sometimes these Baba’s behave in such a way that the whole trust of them being some god like figure just vanishes from the heart of the masses.
A similar stunt was carried out by our “much – in – the – news Baba” none other than Assaram Bapu.  When half of Maharashtra is dying for water when the worst kind of drought has affected the country and when every other person is talking about how not to waste water this holi when the baba is in the news for splashing tons of water and playing Holi with his followers. How can anyone be so inhuman. Imagine the rage the people living in a drought affected area must have had for him. What angers me even further is that people still follow him, there is going to be a similar Holi in Mumbai today, and I can't believe that people are actually going for it. Being a Bapu is it understood that you are supposed to carry out responsible actions because there are so many other people who might blindly follow what you do, and this kind of an act coming from you is just so unnerving. And our government of course has made the Bapu pay a minimal amount as a fine 9thousand something. I mean that’s not even half what he might earn in a day. He can easily waste more water and give 9 thousand something and get away with it.
Indian people, Indian Government and Indian Bapu’s have some serious thinking to do.