When Did We Stop Thinking?

Desh Ubal Raha Hai.

Remember the Tata Tea Ad? Where the husband is complaining of how the country is going down the drains when the wife explains him that the country is boiling now, you add tea sugar and milk and you’ll get an excellent result. I can’t help comparing the same with what is happening in the country capital. With what started on Sunday morning I thought it was just another protest march, people will assemble – protest – go home and carry on with their life. But when the protest turned into a violence and actually demanding an answer from the government did I feel happy thinking that something is finally happening to the country. Are we getting inspired by what is happening in Syria, Cairo and other countries? I hope yes!
During all election rallies, all these political parties promises to look after their people and their problems. But where are all these people now? When a mob is waiting for them outside their own house, these politicians make no assurances, instead they order lathicharge and tear gas on them so as to curb their protest… definitely not what we can call Democracy.  
It is our people who do such disgracing act and it is we who can change it, I recently had a chat with a friend,
Me – I hope I come back from Gujarat on time tomorrow, there is a candle light march at Gateway of India.
Friend  – I don’t understand how these march are going to help anyone or anything.
Me – so are you saying that we should do anything but just sit home what the crime happening on news and crib about it?
Friend  – no..but how is this helping?
Me – so tomorrow if I get raped, you as my friend  will do nothing to help me? Just sit home and crib about it? Chuck it lets not talk about it.
I pray for the girl to make a quick and healthy recovery and for all the devils who could so something like this to the poor girl a harsh punishment so that no one can ever do the same again. It only when we youth join hands and decide that we wont allow anything like this happening to any girl would we finally be able to protect the girls in our society.

PS – completely off topic, but something I am very thankful of. I generally travel late night for work reasons and for a long time now I wanted to buy pepper spray. So I was really very happy when my boyfriends brother bought two  pepper sprays 1 for me and 1 for his girlfriend. Well this also shows that guys these days are becoming more aware of the safety of the girls they are in touch with.  I feel more confident and less worried when travelling alone. 


  1. Good to know that now you are prepared and have caring friends.

    A prayer goes out to the vicitm of the horrific act...


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