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Starbucks and all the tamasha!

Since the time when the first news of Starbucks opening its first outlet in Mumbai hit the newspapers, I was eager to try the coffee there and see how the “best” coffee in world tastes like. So the other day we decided to go and finally check it out.
Nestled in the plush and almost foreign looking part of Fort, Mumbai where everything has an elegant British touch to it is Starbucks. We reached there around 9pm so I was hoping that it will be almost empty because, honestly 9pm is not a great time for coffee. I was half worried if I would be able to sleep at night or not, but thanks to the tiring day that I was snoring the moment I touched the bed. Yes so at 9pm him and I entered starbucks and I was shocked to see  a bigggg queue for coffee, and almost no place to sit. So he stood in the line and I went table hunting ( if you can call it that).
The coffee however was not that great, it could have easily been something from CCD put in a Starbucks cup, but the price we (he) paid for it was totally great! What I really liked about the place was its interior, being an International brand, I was expecting it to have a plush interior but rather they had gone for the Indian Ethnic theme. The whole interior reflected the Indian ethnic style, with warm colours and pots and other decorative items used.
The place however were filled with wanna be Guju people ( I shouldn’t be saying this as I am part gujju) who just wanted to prove once again that they are cool. Some teenagers who were more interested in taking pictures than the coffee (I bet all these pictures went on facebook, once again trying to prove that they are cool and RICH!)
And I know I have already said this, but the interior is FABULOUS! loved it :D

PS – I almost forgot to mention the flooring, they have these patterns on the floors which look amazing… ( yes I am floored by the interior.) 


  1. hmmmmmmmmm never been to one :) got to visit it sometime

    The fotos look impressive :)


  2. Starbucks Mumbai is a great place to relax, sit back and enjoy coffee and the awesome aroma. They have the best coffee and the best interiors as compared to other brands.


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