Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

About time to ban the Victoria’s?

Let’s take a ride on the horse Carriage,  he said.
No, I can’t do that, I feel bad for the horses already that they have to pull so much weight while the humans have the time of their life. But I won’t do that, She said.
It was their 4year anniversary and as the ritual they had gone to Gateway of India, where they had their very first official date.
Horse carriages or Victoria’s ( as I recently came to know what they are called) has been a part of Gateway of India for a long time now. But the recent controversy being that it should be banned as it is a cruelty to the animals, I kindof agree with the cruelty part, but I wont support the band wagon of banning them altogether. Yes but some rules has to be laid down regarding the welfare of the animals. Such carriages are there abroad as well, but with their owners taking proper care of them and with some rules which looks on to that the animals are kept well, we can do something like that in India also right?
A complete ban doesn’t seem legit as it has been a part of Mumbai for a long time now, yes some changes and some ways to improve it are definitely welcomed. Also some monetary aid for the owner of these Victoria’s could be beneficial as that will allow them to take good care of the horses or else animal welfare organizations can take up this job and work along with the owners.