Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

SSC and the Best of 5 Tamasha

               Have you noticed this year's S.S.C results? Almost everyone is getting above 60% it’s a good as well as a bad thing. Students these days have all kinds of facility they hardly need to sit with a book and study thanks to e – classrooms and internet which has been for their rescue all the time so logically speaking when education become real easy at least the grading system should become a bit more strict, okay if not “more” strict then at least be the way it is now. This new Best of 5 Subject thing is utter dumb thing to do.  Students are passed with high percentage which they really don’t deserve and then god forbid if someone gets less percentage it gives colleges’ official reason to take donations.

            Well I really don’t know if this whole everyone getting high percentage is a good or bad thing, I think we could conduct a very nice debate on this, but for me I think it’s a bit on the bad side cause education is just getting easier and easier and somehow we are just making the future generation dumb for the Global competition.