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Mantralaya On Fire

I came home from college and was checking my tweets when I see live tweets coming in informing me that the 4th floor of the Mantralaya had caught fire and was now spreading on to the upper floors.  I immediately switched on my TV and a picture which I had never seen before flashed on my Television screen. A big building which I see almost every week was on fire and covered with thick black smoke; the usual white building was now covered with black smoke and somehow even looked blackened to me today. But to my surprise I didn’t feel remorse or worried or anything of that sort looking at this picture, I felt more like people who generally just sit back and enjoy the disasters which normal people have to face had their chance of facing disasters first hand. Of course this fire also supported the fact that Mumbai is in deep trouble when Disaster Management is concerned, when important buildings such as this can’t prevent fire then there is no point even thinking about the safety against fire for common man.
            But now let’s look at the other part of the story, according to the reports, the office which was on fire was the same office who housed the files related to the Adarsh Scam,  so am I to say that the Adarsh files were conveniently disposed off?  Oh well, who know?  For the truth to come out it will take ages, but its odd isn’t it? The office which had such important files stacked up was on fire and well I won’t be shocked if I get the news that some important files are now nothing but ashes.


  1. Typical .. and now there goes the case and there goes justice :)

    how typical .. i bet it will be accidental fire



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