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Aamir Khan shouldn't apologize to IMA


            So the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wants Aamir Khan to apologize. They are of the opinion that Aamir Khan has accused the whole medical faculty of being corrupt to the core which is not true. They believe that maybe some of the doctors walk on the bad and corrupt path but not every doctor in India. Well I believe that Aamir never said that every doctor in India does this, he just pointed out the reality which is generally followed. And if IMA was aware of such ill practices why didn’t it take any steps to stop it? Guilty as charged then right? Also Aamir pointed out that not a single doctor’s license has been cancelled yet in India which is really very shocking, are we saying that India has produced just the best doctors ever??
            And why should anyone say sorry for speaking what happens in our daily life. Most of the common people agreed that they had been ripped off by doctors at many stages of their life. And obviously when the truth is told openly with a lot of research and statistics and not to forget real life experience, the doctors feared the amount of information the common man now has which obviously threatened the wrongful earning of these doctors.
            What I really feel amusing is, they made such a big issue of making Aamir Khan say sorry, but not even half of this effort was ever used to stop the wrong doings of the doctors.
            Doctors are very important in our lives, we even grade them next to God. It is always believed that saving a human life is the biggest deed anyone can ever do then why do we have to pay such huge price for something which is our right “to live”. Come to think of it hospital bills and doctor’s fees should be the least possible amount, so that each and every person is able to take medical help whenever necessary, obviously I don’t mean that the doctors should put up with minimal wages, our government should do something for them a fixed salary or something but let’s not go there now, we are talking about Aamir Khan apologizing, which I do not approve at all!
            Medical people only want his to do that because they are nothing but aware that whatever he said was true and that if every person is aware of such things their high fees is in danger.

One of my friend is a Physiotherapist, she once had this patient who was old and thought that he had a back problem, she checked him and told him that it’s just the old age and there is no real problem with him as such.  She later discussed this with one of her senior, who laughed at her and said that she is stupid “ You should have taken few sittings with him and earned some money and then tell him that he is cured.” He said.
Thereeee… when I heard this story my trust over doctors was burned into ashes!

PS – according to me, Aamir Khan shouldn’t apologize.


  1. I agree with you, Most of the people who are making hue and cry about it are the corrupt ones.. CHOR ki DAADI main TINKA thats whay they say ..

    there are good and bad doctors..
    aamir is talking of the bad doctors , I dont understand why they have a problem ..

    People always have a problem when truth is told, uptil now people beleived that there was nothing wrong in our nation , now its coming out all of it :)



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