Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

No to Cycle Rickshaw ... Please!

            I recently made a short trip to  Vaishnav Devi and Delhi. Vaishnav devi was added to the plan just because my mother wanted to go there. As it was a trip planned in haste we didn’t really get time to book our helicopter tickets. We figured that there has to be some kind of arrangement there to get the tickets or that we shall simply walk with others. But as we reached there my mom was not feeling well and the helicopter were not available. So the only option was to either go walking which I denied as it was jeopardizing mom’s health or we go in a Palki  or on a Horse. We decided we would rather cancel the plan than take any of those options. Many people laughed out that we went so long and still didn’t go take Darshan. To which mom and I both replied, “ if we want to go to the top we will go walking or by a helicopter not sitting on people’s shoulder or giving a rough time to the horse.”  I really believe that this is a very evil practice and also inhuman.

<== For those who don't know what a Palki is.

             We also have Cycle – Rickshaw in Delhi, our capital city. And I refuse to sit in them everytime I go there. 

How can anyone sit in it while the person in front of you is trying hard to pull you. And if that is not cruel enough, people sit in it with their whole damn family and luggage, all this pulled by a single man. 

      I am really looking forward to the day when our Government just bans the  whole idea of cycle rickshaw and start the normal auto rickshaw’s everywhere. I know its not that practical. Many of those Cycle Rickshaw drivers are poor and thus can’t afford an Auto Rickshaw. But that’s the point doesn’t this mean that we are taking advantage of the poor??? Government can come up with some policy something to take steps right?

Imagine a Person elder to you pulling you. And when you sit in a Cycle Rickshaw you can clearly see the energy he is applying to pull you, and god forbid if there a bridge or a land form with a upward incline then naturally they can't pull you so they actually get down from the rickshaw and pull you like horses pull the carriage. 

Cycle Rickshaw is just a cruel and inhuman way of travel which should be stopped Immediately.

<== Picture Clearly Depicting that the poor must always slog,  while the rich enjoys the luxury.

There are 3 adults, 1 child and loads of luggage and a single man is pulling them. and this is a everyday scene in Delhi ==>