When Did We Stop Thinking?

Sharad Pawar SLAPPED!!!

In Delhi, random dude slapped an elderly man. What's new?

Ya so Sharad Pawar got slapped by a common man Harvinder Singh. And NCP blows it out of the hand by creating riots and bands all over Mumbai, Pune and Satara.. I mean really? How is that going to help anyway? By doing all this you are basically piling on to the miseries and problems of the common man, exactly the reason why Harvinder slapped Sharad Pawar. And honestly does this even justify anything? I mean millions of people get slapped everyday if we start doing riots and strikes… you can imagine what kind of dangerous world it will be then. Now you might say that Sharad Pawar is a big political personality and everything which is why this becomes national news, to which I would only ask you one question.. “Really???? “ I mean name me one thing he did that was good and beneficial for our country.

The news channels are also giving this out of proportion importance. They are clearly saying that this is a wrong act by Harvinder and is not accepted, and are trying to give their sympathies to Pawar by saying that he is old now and that Harvinder should have thought atleast about his age etc. Well does Pawar thinks even once about the poor farmers who commit suicide even before reaching his age, they have not even experienced how it feel to be old.

So basically what  media and our Politicians are saying is that, when the government authorities beat up people who are voicing their feeling and anger.. is completely justified ( need I remind you about Ramlila maidan where the lathi charge took place when people gathered to support Anna Hazare and Ramdev baba, and congress had completely justified that the lathi charge act. ) but when a common man slaps a politician its not justified. Also a Politician recently quoted a dialogue from a bollywood movie,” bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai” ( Meaning – small small things like this keeps happening in big big countries )during the terriorist attack in Mumbai ( this also reminds me that there is no follow up yet on that bomb blast and I guess the people who did it are free and are probably enjoying themselves right now) so basically when a politician says things like a bomb blast is a small matter it is of no importance, no other political party revolts against it or say a word against him and well our media also doesn’t highlight it much but a corrupt politician getting slapped is a bigggg news.

And now that we are talking about violence, recently two young boys were killed in public because they protected the girls in their group from eve teasing. And of what I know, the politicians visited the families of the accused and ensured them that they will get justice. Where were these political parties and the people who are creating all these riots then? Two young boys got killed and no one raising a word no one cares. And a corrupt politician gets slapped there is bandh all over Mumbai now. 

Also, what about Kasab?? He is about to complete his 3yrs free stay in India. He killed like atleast a dozen people and are we protesting or doing anything against it? Guess killing people and people getting killed is not that very important for our political parties and also our media who has completely helped everyone to forget about all these matters, but a corrupt politician getting slapped by an ordinary man is a national news… breaking news flashes on every news channel… it will hit the headlines tomorrow and more riots and everything will happen.. maybe Sikhs will now be the enemy of these NCP people and other political parties and then there will be a much bigger scene created out of nothing.

Like honestly where is this country going? There are so many bigger issues left out and still all they care about is this?


  1. i loved what you wrote and really u spoke my heart out. these politicians pay money to people to create riots and then say peace should be maintatined. i mean what the fuck!! the girl injured at the time of bomb blast is still having a steel rod in her leg, no one cares about what happened in the past as none of their family members got hurt. if people are quiet they think everyone is enjoying themselves they dont know what anger everyone have in them. there is no unity in India seriously.. people should make politicians stand in a line and slap anyone they like or anyone they are pissed about!!!!!

  2. I m also thinking the same. These politicians are shameless person, see the face of pawar, no shame. You just say what my heart thinks.

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