Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review


So i saw Rockstar yesterday, and i was really very disappointed with it. I had very high expectations from the movie and somehow i came out of the theater disappointed. 

The start was good, and the everything was in order before the interval... the dialogues were nice and made you laugh, Ranbir was at his level best, and it was a delight to see Shammi Kapoor on screen, A R Rahman has done magic with his music once again, a few scenes were a delight to watch, esp when the manager drags Ranbir from the brothel and tries to explain him how he is going off track when the whole street is dying to just shake hands with jordan and ranbir is trying to argue back how lonely he is...that scene really stayed with me.. also when he meets up his college friends and all they care about is taking picture with the famous rockstar Jordan, while is dying to share is lonelyness with them.well thats so true, we all forget that the rich and famous are not just some showpiece to take picture with they also have their own set or worries and problems... but thats about it. 

The part after the interval was bit of a puzzle for me, where i was constantly trying to figure things out. yes the screenplay and the new way of showcasing done was a novel idea but would have worked out well had they worked better on it so as to give out a clear picture, and not just a vague idea. the story never grew towards the end, it was the same what was in the first 15mins post - interval.. repeated again and again.

The end was abrupt and i guess instead of the repetitive  scene towards the last 20mins of the movie they could have used it to improvise the end. 

the silver lining is,  i liked the over all look of the movie,, Ranbir's clothes, the rock concerts and the beautiful places it was shot in.  Ranbir has really evolved from the cute sawariya boy to the rockstar Janardhan Jakkar aka JJ aka Jordan. 


  1. My sentiments exactly!!!! :-)

  2. i need to watch this movie...heard d songs r neat

  3. Yeah, I watched it too. My expectations were high but it didn't turn out that well. But the best part was this was Ranbir Kapoor's best Act so far. So, I am happy that he is doing well and knows his work. Good luck to him..


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