Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Acting is not acting - Al Pacino

Acting is not acting - Al Pacino

So last few months were all dedicated in doing what i enjoy the most.. THEATER!!! 
theater has a thing about itself.. the adrenaline rush you feel when you know that hundred's or people are watching you is amazing.

the energy that passes inside you after you here the third bell and when the curtain opens and the lights come in is something you will never experience in front of a camera after hearing lights... camera... action.  Also the responsibility that whatsoever happens the show must go on is also thrilling, the fact that million things can go wrong in a live show and that you will have to put up with that and continue in such a way that the audience will never know what happened.

bad health, breakup, a row with mom back home or issues with friends etc anything that is going on in ur personal life is not to be shown on stage.. no matter how upset you are inside you  still have to go there and perform with a smile on your face.. that's something theater has taught me.. to face things to let go of thing and move on and smile in front of the world.. cause of course if its your problem you should solve it not some third person right?