When Did We Stop Thinking?

26/11 Forgotten????

Yesterday we completed 3yrs of  the worst terrorist attack i have ever witnessed..  but somehow it was sad to realise that people have already forgotten all about it. I mean last year on 26/11 there were peace rallies all over the city and candle light march, there was a big candle light march at the Taj hotel and Gateway of India, but yesterday there was nothing... as if nothing has ever happened there. Is this what the so called "Mumbai Spirit" is? The attack was 3yrs back guys not 30yrs back for everyone to just forget about it and go on with life as if nothing significant happened on that day. 

Kasab is still alive with no punishment given... you cant just forget about it.. Look at America 10years after the 9/11 attack they killed the man behind it. And we have the man we have the witnesses we have the proof but still he is alive enjoying in the jail while the Indians have just forgotten about it. SHAME ON US GUYS!

Here is a link of my 26/11/ 2009 post... some pictures of the candle light march at Taj.


  1. girl that's the irony of our system....we are spending crores on the person(kasab) but aren't willing to find the conclusion of the incident....but that's how its work, isn't it.


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