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Bike Rally ... Support Anna Hazare!

It’s the 8th day of Anna Hazare’s fast and still no response from our Government….  All I wanna say here is that.. Anna we are with you.. just go ahead with the protest..
            And honestly I am so surprised, that so many people are actually taking part in this protest.. and yes.. many more are still not participating in it calling It names, but all I wanna say to those people is this that few years down the line you people will be cursing the country for it corruption, like we do even now but that time it will be more worse, and that time you will say that we need to fight corruption and blah blah, but now that the time has come to protest and do something against corruption you are not doing it.. its time guys, we cant start a revolution but at least we can support someone who is doing it!
Anyway, my today’s blog is about something else … about my experience in the rally…
Initially when the protest was started few months back, the response was too good..and even then there was a huge support from the youth basically and also other people.. I am uploading some pictures of the initial protest…

And 2days  back there was a bike rally.. and the feeling was awesome.. people on the way were encouraging us.. other bikers joined us.. I never thought that the so many people will support us so much… its kind of a feeling that all were united together for one nice cause..  as if every mumbaikar is united!!!
Pictures are here….


  1. You've captured 'the movement' very lively, Pooja. Loved it.

  2. And to all of us, the so called citizens of India, whoever raises their voice against corruption, it is right that we have raised against corruption, but at the same time we have to think few things. Do we really pay our taxes properly and regularly? If we are shop keepers or business men, do you pay your taxes, or do you give bills to the customers for the products they buy? How many Crores of rupees we loot every day? Is it not more than what the politicians do once in five years? Don't we loot the country or don't we do corruption from our part? How can corrupt people fight against corruption, when it is within their hearts and daily activities? Just think.


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