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Politics with dadagiri

So I was on my way home and in train ladies coach near the door as the train was quite full. At the next station a group of around 15-20 shiv sena lady supporters got into the train with an attitude that the train belongs to them and they can push whoever they want and get inside and the pushing includes a lady with a baby in her hand. To add more to it 2 males got into the ladies coach shouting shiv sena zindabad and many more things supporting Mr. Thakerey (excuse me if the spelling is wrong) it was getting on my nerve now the ladies actually were pushing people to get inside and to get a proper place to seat while when the 2 men got in many ladies who wanted to get in the train couldn't cause they were blocking the door.

It was too much for me now I told them to go to the gents compartment. He tell me that its a Morcha happening and everything is allowed today. I disagreed. I told them that the compartment is anyway full and there is no need for them to add more to it so the males should travel in the male compartment. That added fuel to the fire and they started blaming me saying I am of the opposing party (Raj Thakerey to be specific) the verbal fight intensed. And I dragged them to the Railway Police asking them if today indeed all was allowed because these people were protesting against something turns out they didn't even have the ticket to travel. We were there for almost an hour arguing on the topic and they trying to threaten using their political connections. At the end of the day they were forced to say sorry and leave (with them saying I have made an mistake)

All I am saying is... Does these political party people have all the right to do anything? This what happened today was really a petty thing I agree but there are much more things bigger than this that these people do and get away with it because they belong to a political party and have a political support! Aren't these political parties set up with the intention of protecting civilians?
When will the day come when they will realise that they are not here to terrorise people and scare them or do dadagiri using their political connections as they did today in the train..
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  1. wow, it's good to see someone awakening for a cause in this country of dead people. And, yeah everywhere, throughout the length and breadth of the country this politicians and their sycophants take things for granted. It has to be changed. Bravo !

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