Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

After Delhi... Its Mumbai's Turn Now

After almost every week a girl getting raped in delhi, its now Mumbai's turn... In a weeks time I heard two news one that 4 girls were killed and 2nd that a girl got raped at kalyan station. What is wrong so suddenly? I always felt that mumbai is a very safe city. Whenever I am out of town I flaunt me being from Mumbai and that I feel so safe there.

With the profession I am in I generally have to get back home late in the night. And generally by train because that's the fastest route to get back home. And with the news that a girl got raped in the night at a station! Mind you.. Mumbai city never sleeps and the station is always filled with people... Not many but there are a few people and I wonder how had these 4guys managed to rape her. Its said that they showed her some weapons and forced her to come with her to some place and raped her there.

The news really got shivers down my spine and got my heart beats faster ... Of course the government and the Police has to do something in this matter so as to not get the situation out of the hand. But I also think that girls around also has to start taking some action against this. And the action starts from the smallest of the things like if any eve teases you, you have to stop it then and there. Speak up against it. Stop him then and there!!! Create a scene, make that person feel ashamed. The more you keep quite the more these sick people think they can do anything they want and we will keep quite. Girls should learn some kind of defense, applies to me as well.. We should learn some type of karate or something that will help us stay out of trouble. You can also keep a swiss knife handy or a pepper spray or some mirchi powder so that if anything like this happens with you (which I really hope never happens to anyone of you), you can get out of the place ASAP.

I love Mumbai, and something like this happened here really hurts me. I hope things get under control soon and these dirty people get such a horrible punishment that no one dare do it again to any girl!
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