Work On Love?

Tag Tag

Hey friends,  ramit had tagged me few days back so here I am completing it.  J

The rules are as follows..

Step 1: Disclose 7 things about you which no one knows. [ I took the 100 truths TAG, and so many about me TAGs.. wonder if there is anything more I can share.. lets see..!)

Step 2: Leave a comment to notify a blogger when he/she is Tagged. (You have to tag 7 people)

So the 7 things you people don’t know about me is…

1.      I am in love with the color blue
2.    i never thought of blogging. It was my boyfriend who told me to blog. And now I am loving it.
3.    I am lazy.
4.    if things don’t work the way I want it, I loose my temper
5.    i love reading books, but only those that attract my intrest
6.    I love my laptop, internet and softwares and stuff.. no I am not that geeky but yes, I do love new gadgets and anything new. If I had like loads of cash, that’s one thing ill buy.. like all the latest cell phones and laptops and cars and bikes and everything…
7.    i love to SMS.

And now I tag 7 people…

Well.. actually will tag everyone who reads this post. J

So hey you, you are TAGGED!


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