Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Truth Alone Triumphs

Recently a TV show on mtv came to an end. There were two couples participating and one had very high chances of winning as the girl was the heartthrob for many who were supposed to judge them and even the guy was the same eye candy, while the other was just another couple in the crowd, with many people who hated them.

The first couple was joana and mohit and the second was sakshi and siddharth. Joana was in lead position since day one of the tv show, and mohit was always saved by joana while siddhart and sakshi really had to fight their way to the top.

I dunno why even though mohit and joana used to say that they are tuly in love with eachother I didn’t really feel that, it was less of love and understanding and more of wat we say, just seducing eachother to get to the top. While siddhart and sakshi really had that understanding between eachother, though they used to get physical less on camera but their love and understanding and trust could be clearly seen whereas this was lacking bigtime in the other couple.

People genereally go in for looks and don’t play a fair game if it’s a competition between threir enemy and their heartthrob, even I though that all these guys will do the same and mohit and joana are sure shot winners. But the last 2 votes made the tables turn.

It was tie, and when nikhil ( the host ) was about to declare varun’s vote ( another contestant ) varun stopped him and asked if he could change this vote, he was granted that chance. Varun said that I had voted for joana just to make sakshi loose, but somewhere deep down I knew I was not fare and that’s why my conscience were pricking me. buy changing the vote, ill do justice to both. This proves that there are atleast some people who likes to think fare for all, and are at least truthful. And the other vote that changed the game, was chesta’s everyone belived that she will vote for mohit but she choosed sakshi, as even she really judged in a fare manner.

I just wanted to say this that even though we say that the world has become bad, people are evil and all, but I would still say, I don’t know about the world but the truth will always triumph