Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Recently Mumbai police has started a new scheme, they are catching hold of those people who are crossing the railway tracks and not using the over head bridge. Come to think of it, yes it is good concept to stop the railways accidents. But I think they should even make some arrangement for people who need to get to the other station. Trains in Mumbai are jam packed, and as I used to travel for few months in train from mira road to dadar, I know how hectic it is. You cant afford to miss one train if you miss it, your whole schedule will be crashed.

I know the governments reply to this will be leave your house a bit early so you can reach in time to you respective destination. But practically speaking this is not quite convienient as the esp for women as they have to do their household choruses take care about their houses and everything so it’s a bit difficult for them. And for guys well, I don’t really know how hectic a man’s life is but it must be as hectic as a women.

Well, what I think government should do it provide more over head bridges, I know there are alteast 3 bridges on one platform but they are quite far away from eachother so it take a lot of time to walk to the bridge then climb up the walk the climb down and then again walk towards which coach you want to catch. Or they could keep some police standing there who will keep a watch on each tracks as to if any train is coming he will stop the commuters from crossing the tracks.

If government is making schemes to stop accidents then it should also take care of people’s convenience.