Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

I dont know what to keep the title


Recently there was a case of a girl getting gang raped. And the main accused was no other but her own boyfriend he took her to a hotel and then raped her there and then again after he was done, he called four of his other friends and raped her again, and that’s not all he even filmed the whole act and then threatened to circulate it if she dares to go to police. She kept quite. But later some day again two of the same guys raped her again and filmed her again and threaten the same thing. But this time she didn’t keep quite and approached the police, the victims were caught soon after the complaint.

But that’s not the point, the point is what do guys think about girls? Fine you are in your teens and you tend to look for sexual satisfaction as well, but you have no right to ruin some other girls life for your own pleasure. I myself have seen many guys who just wants to have a girlfriend so that they can screw her and leave her later on. And that’s one thing I cannot take. I mean bloody if you just wanna screw a person, then fucking have balls to go to a sex worker and do what you want. And if you don’t have enough money to go a sex worker or you feel substandard or else you feel as if they are too low than your standards for you to sleep with them, then excuse me Mr. you are definitely much below then what you think of them.

Boys talk generally consists of how they want to sleep with their girl or something like she should have good boobs etc etc. cant a guy just look at a girl with respect and for what she is inside? And not look at her boobs or her ass?

And trust me people. If I ever get hand on such guys who are nothing but pure bastards. I would love to just hit him to death. And these guys do deserve just that.


And if you are thinking of doing something like what I mentioned, then just remember this even you are a good for nothing a**h**e. and you have no right to ruin any girls life.


  1. hmm...control your anger... what u said is true...it is our duty to be careful too... as for such guys they deserve to rot in hell.

  2. Its sad but true...a guys conversation generally revolves arounds girls and sex....but its fine as long as it doesnt turn into an obsession...and why blame the whole male bastion for a bastard few...huh??

  3. As you say, it's not all the time, all the guys talk about the physique of girls and their dreams of screwing them...

    Guys do look at the girls with respect... but to some extent it depends on the girl whom she is looking at... If the girl is dressed awkward then a guy's thought would go wakward...

    By saying so, I'm not supporting the guys... I'm trying to say that both guys n girls have equal responsibility...

    Hope you get what I'm saying pooja!


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