Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Gap between rich and poor.

Mumbai, as we all know that this is one city where the rich and the poor live side by side. You can find slums and people starving for food on one side of the road while lavish restaurants and pubs and cafeterias on the other side.

            Going to big hotels and lavish cafeterias never made me think about the poor  who lives on just the opposite road, who may not even be able to have their two basic meals a day. But when I started working and got to know what happens in the back area of the hotel made me think about all this. I recently got placed in one of the leading hotel chains, As I was a staff I had to enter from the back entry I met my supervisor and he told an collogue to take me round the hotel and make me familiar to the place. the first day was just great I was lost in the great interiors great arrangements and very rich interior decoration. There was a really nice water body on the entrance so that makes the guest feel relaxed there were two guards on the door and one person to open the door for the guest, he gave a pleasing slmile to who ever entered. the hotel was really great in all.

            Ad my shift started, I got dressed and went in the first ballroom. It was nice as well. The floor had soft carpet there was a bar, and the waiters were serving snacks to the guest. That went good, there was sheek kabab and paneer something, I don’t know the name and two or three more items people loved to have chicken with their alcohol, so that went pretty good. Snacks are actually served so that the guest builds up his appetite and looks forward to the main course, but in India people fill up half their stomach with the snacks itself.  So when the main course started it was buffet, people ate but as they were drunk and also cause it was a party and they didn’t have to pay, they filled up their plates more than their capacity of eating and then threw away half the food. I was shocked at the end of the day when I saw the amout of food wasted, and wasted then too its okay, people didn’t eat. But in the back area even the untouched food was thrown straight in the dustbin.

            I mean to say, you throw away such huge amount of food, instead distribute among the poor they need that. These rich people just know how to make the waste of it and then show off to others, if they could just think a little sensibly. Throwing away the food is of no use its going to waste instead why don’t we just give it among the poor?

             I think this is one thing that is very wrong. People are dying for food there are many people who live hand to mouth in this country. I don’t know how to stop this ill practice but I can assure this thing that if in future I own a hotel or I get to the post where I can make some changes about this. Ill surely do one thing ill surely distribute the food among the poors.  






  1. It's the kind of inequality I hate... It happens not only in India, but everywhere...

    Rich ppl... they have the right to spend their own money to buy food sor any price... But they should also be aware of the people who just struggle a lot to get a day's meal...

    These ppl should be educated enough about the value of the food they waste and how much it matters to a ragged guy in the street...


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