Heeramandi: An Over Thought Out Review

Bandra worli sea link… Oops sorry Rajiv Gandhi Sea link ???

Bandra worli sea link… Oops sorry Rajiv Gandhi Sea link ???

There is a new controversy now, congress had decided to name the bandra worli sea link as rajiv Gandhi sea link. I don’t really know much about the politics and all, but as a mumbaikar and as an enthusiastic civilian who was exited about the sea link I will say that I cleary disapprove this act.

I wont say anything that name it after some marathi hero, but ill just say this, that may it be naming a normal street or a place or for now sake the sea link, will congress ever think of some different other that the indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, or rajiv Gandhi. I respect the work they had done. But why cant congress stop praising their own family and get a life and understand that there are some other people as well in this country who had done many impressive things for the country.

This is something wrong congress is doing. I would just say that been born and brought up in this city I would expect that this asset to Mumbai and Mumbai’s new landmark should not be named after rajiv Gandhi. and if it’s the point of naming it behind a marathi person or a north Indian. I would say keep it neutral and just name it bandra worli sea link., that makes more sense to it.

If its really named after rajin Gandhi, I dunno about others but ill surely be very disappointed.